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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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July 1, 1862 - The Russian State Library is founded.
July 2, 1644 - The Battle of Marston Moor
July 3, 1890 - Idaho is admitted as the 43rd U.S. state.
July 4, 1776 - The United States Declaration of Independence is adopted by the Second Continental Congress.
July 5, 1996 - Dolly the sheep becomes the first mammal cloned from an adult cell.
July 6, 371 BC - The Battle of Leuctra, where Epaminondas defeats Cleombrotus I, takes place.
July 7, 1946 - Howard Hughes nearly dies when his XF-11 spy plane prototype crashes in a Beverly Hills neighborhood.
July 8, 1947 - Reports are broadcast that a UFO crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico.
July 9, 869 - Earthquake and subsequent tsunami strikes the area around Sendai in the northern part of Honshu, Japan.
July 10, 1890 - Wyoming is admitted as the 44th U.S. state.
July 11, 1922 - The Hollywood Bowl opens.
July 12, 1862 - The Medal of Honor is authorized by the United States Congress.
July 13, 1260 - The Livonian Order suffers its greatest defeat in the 13th century in the Battle of Durbe against the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
July 14, 1969 - The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills are officially withdrawn from circulation.
July 15, 1240 - Novgorodian army led by Alexander Nevsky defeats the Swedes in the Battle of the Neva.
July 16, 1990 - The Luzon Earthquake strikes in Benguet, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, La Union, Aurora, Bataan, Zambales and Tarlac, Philippines, with an intensity of 7.7.
July 17, 1771 - Chipewyan chief Matonabbee, travelling as the guide to Samuel Hearne on his Arctic overland journey, massacres a group of unsuspecting Inuit.
July 18, 1925 - Adolf Hitler publishes his personal manifesto Mein Kampf.
July 19, 1900 - The first line of the Paris Métro opens for operation.
July 20, 1866 - Battle of Lissa – The Austrian Navy , led by Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff, defeats the Italian Navy near the island of Vis in the Adriatic Sea.
July 21, 1242 - Louis IX of France puts an end to the revolt of his vassals Henry III of England and Hugh X of Lusignan.
July 22, 1499 - Battle of Dornach – The Swiss decisively defeat the Imperial army of Emperor Maximilian I.
July 23, 1972 - The United States launch Landsat 1, the first Earth-resources satellite.
July 24, 1411 - Battle of Harlaw, one of the bloodiest battles in Scotland, takes place.
July 25, 1978 - Louise Brown, the world's first "test tube baby" is born.
July 26, 1745 - The first recorded women's cricket match takes place near Guildford, England.
July 27, 1214 - Philip II of France defeats John of England.
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