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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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March 28, 1910

Henri Fabre becomes the...
Henri Fabre becomes the first person to fly a seaplane, the Fabre Hydravion, after taking off from a water runway near Martigues, France. The first autonomous flight by a hydroplane was made by the French engineer Henri Fabre on March 28, 1910. Also a floatplane, its name was Le Canard ('the duck'), and took off from the water to fly 1,650 feet on its first flight. These experiments were closely followed by Gabriel and Charles Voisin, who purchased several of the Fabre floats and fitted them to their Canard Voisin which flew in October 1910. In March 1912, it was used in military exercises from the first seaplane carrier, La Foudre.
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