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This Day In History
Tuesday, February 25, 2020


October 23, 1641

Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641. The Irish Rebellion of 1641 began as an attempted coup d'état by Irish Catholic gentry, who tried to seize control of the English administration in Ireland to force concessions to Catholics. However, the coup failed and the rebellion developed into an ethnic conflict between native Irish Catholics on one side, and English and Scottish Protestant settlers on the other. This began a conflict known as the Irish Confederate Wars.
rebellion, Ireland

January 6, 1839

The most damaging storm in 300 years sweeps across Ireland, damaging or destroying more than 20% of the houses in Dublin. The Night of the Big Wind was a severe European windstorm which swept without warning across Ireland on the night of January 6 - January 7, 1839, causing severe damage to property and several hundred deaths; 20% to 25% of houses in north Dublin were damaged or destroyed, and 42 ships were wrecked. The storm attained a very low barometric pressure of 918 hectopascals (27.1 inHg) and tracked eastwards to the north of Ireland, bringing winds gusts of over 100 knots (185 km/h, 115 mph) to the south of the island. At the time, it was the most damaging Irish storm for 300 years.
storm, Ireland, Dublin

May 27, 1798

The Battle of Oulart...
The Battle of Oulart Hill takes place in Wexford, Ireland. The Battle of Oulart Hill took place on 27 May 1798 when a rebel gathering of 1,000 annihilated a detachment of militia sent from Wexford town to stamp out the spreading rebellion in county Wexford.
battle, Oulart Hill, Ireland
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