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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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October 16, 1793

Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette's execution
Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, is guillotined at the height of the French Revolution. At 12:15 pm, two and a half weeks before her thirty-eighth birthday, she was executed at the Place de la Révolution (present-day Place de la Concorde). Her last words were "Pardon me sir, I meant not to do it", to Henri Sanson the executioner, whose foot she had accidentally stepped on after climbing the scaffold. Her body was thrown into an unmarked grave in the Madeleine cemetery, rue d'Anjou, (which was closed the following year).
Marie Antoinette, French Revolution, guillotine

November 8, 1793

The Louvre Museum
The Louvre Museum
In Paris, the French Revolutionary government opens the Louvre to the public as a museum. The Louvre (Le musee du Louvre) – is one of the world's largest museums, the most visited art museum in the world and a historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, it is located on the Right Bank of the Seine in the 1st arrondissement (district). Nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 19th century are exhibited over an area of 60,600 square metres (652,300 square feet).
Louvre, museum, Paris



February 6, 1793
Carlo Goldoni

Carlo Osvaldo Goldoni was an Italian playwright and librettist from the Republic of Venice. His works include some of Italy's most famous and best-loved plays. Audiences have admired the plays of Goldoni for their ingenious mix of wit and honesty.
October 16, 1793
Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was an Archduchess of Austria and the Queen of France and of Navarre. She was the fifteenth and penultimate child of Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I.
November 12, 1793
Jean-Sylvain Bailly

Jean-Sylvain Bailly was a French astronomer and orator, one of the leaders of the early part of the French Revolution. He served as the mayor of Paris from 1789 to 1791 and was ultimately guillotined during the Reign of Terror.
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