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November 13, 1887

Bloody Sunday clashes in...
Bloody Sunday clashes in central London. Bloody Sunday was the name given to a demonstration against coercion in Ireland and to demand the release from prison of MP William O'Brien, who was imprisoned for incitement as a result of an incident in the Irish Land War. The demonstration was organized by the Social Democratic Federation and the Irish National League. Violent clashes between police and demonstrators resulted in the killing of three protesters and the beating of hundreds more.
Bloody Sunday, London


May 16, 1887
Igor Severyanin

Igor Severyanin was a Russian poet who presided over the circle of the so-called Ego-Futurists.
May 24, 1887
Mick Mannock

Major Edward Corringham "Mick" Mannock VC, DSO and Two Bars, MC & Bar was a British First World War flying ace. Mannock was probably born in Ireland, but of English and Scottish parentage.
July 7, 1887
Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was a Russian-French artist associated with several major artistic styles and one of the most successful artists of the 20th century. He was an early modernist, and created works in virtually every artistic medium, including painting, book illustrations, stained glass, stage sets, ceramic, tapestries and fine art prints.
July 22, 1887
Gustav Ludwig Hertz

Gustav Ludwig Hertz was a German experimental physicist and Nobel Prize winner, and a nephew of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.
October 31, 1887
Chiang Kai-shek

Chiang Kai-shek was a political and military leader of 20th century China. He is known as Jiǎng Jièshí or Jiǎng Zhōngzhèng in Mandarin.


October 17, 1887
Gustav Kirchhoff

Gustav Robert Kirchhoff was a German physicist who contributed to the fundamental understanding of electrical circuits, spectroscopy, and the emission of black-body radiation by heated objects.
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