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February 17, 1979

The Sino-Vietnamese War begins.
The Sino-Vietnamese War begins. The Sino–Vietnamese War, also referred to as the Third Indochina War, was a brief but bloody border war fought between the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, from February 17, 1979, to March 16, 1979. The Chinese launched the offensive in response to Vietnam's 1978 invasion and occupation of Cambodia, which ended the reign of the PRC-backed Khmer Rouge.
Sino-Vietnamese War



January 5, 1979
Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus Jr. was an American jazz musician, composer, bandleader, and civil rights activist.
February 2, 1979
Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious (born John Simon Ritchie) was an English musician best known as the bassist of the influential punk rock group Sex Pistols. In 2006 he was inducted posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Sex Pistols.
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